Visual storytelling.
It’s my passion.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to tell stories. I could draw out entire worlds on a roll of butcher paper as it traveled from room to room, a long panorama of my mind spilling out for all to see. It was a rich universe that fed on my expansive cultural background, touching on my Chinese, Jamaican, and Indian heritage.


As an adult, I channeled my creativity as a game designer, going on to work at LucasArts where I designed several award-winning STAR WARS video games and helped to expand its vast universe. As a game designer, I’ve worked on THE SIMPSONS for Electronic Arts, and the iconic RAMPAGE brand.

While I loved designing video games, I wanted to expand my voice and focus on storytelling that honestly reflected my diverse universe. That led me to focus on independent films, working as a cinematographer on films such as the award-winning feature EAST SIDE SUSHI, the celebrated documentary PURGATORIO and neorealist feature LUPE UNDER the SUN with director Rodrigo Reyes, and REMEMBER ME staring Rita Moreno.

Using my skills as a designer and filmmaker I’ve also been fortunate enough to work on GOLD MOUNTAIN: CHINESE CALIFORNIAN STORIES, a permanent exhibit at the California Museum in Sacramento, CA, as well as co-create a 360 video comedy pilot that explores the gender gap in the workplace called UTURN.

I am currently working on short films with the help of funding from the Rainin Foundation, as well as interactive projects that explore the interactive approach to storytelling.

Check back for updates.

FILM CREDITS [partial]

Random Acts [ film short ]
Director of Photography

Gold Mountain [ museum installation ]
Director of Photography, Editor, Design

Pacific Gateway [ 360 video short ]
Director of Photography, VFX Stitch, Edit, Post

Look Ahead [ VR app ]
Director of Photography, Design

Uturn [ VR series ]
Co-Creator, Director of Photography, Post, Design

Bartlett [ Amazon online series ]
Producer, Director of Photography

The Committee [ series documentary ]
[ in production ]
Director of Photography

Remember Me [ feature film ]
Director of Photography

Lupe Under the Sun [ feature film ]
Producer, Director of Photography

Glamour Goes South [ reality web show ]
Director of Photography

East Side Sushi [ feature film ]
Additional Cinematography

WJRT [ pilot web TV show ]
Director of PhotographyNowhere Girl [ feature film ]
Director of Photography

Purgatorio [ feature documentary ]
Director of Photography


GAME CREDITS [partial]

Fuel & Fire: Book of HUE [in production]
Creator, writer

Insecticide [NDS]
Game Design

Sam & Max: Season Two [PC]
Exec. Producer

Strongbad’s Cool Game for Attractive People [PC]
Exec. Producer

Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures [Xbox360, PS3]
Exec. Producer

Deadspace [Xbox360, PS3]
Gameflow Design

The Simpsons Game [Xbox360, PS3]
Story and Gameflow Lead

Area 51 [PS2, Xbox]
Game/Mission Design, Dialogue

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough [PC]
Creative Director, Design, Dialogue

New Legends [X-Box]
Project Leader, Game Design, Writer

Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Dark Forces II [PC]
Project Leader, Game Design, Writer

Star Wars: Dark Forces [PC, PS1]
Game Design, Lead Artist, Writer

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