August 31, 2010 Justin Chin

You Never Know…

…when (and how) you might get your next gig.

Last week I shot a secret project for a corporate design firm. All shot on the Canon 7D.

It all started when a buddy of mine called asking if I knew if my dolly and jib could pull off a 180 pan (while tilting downward), with a dolly move, then a crane down, all the while tilting from the full tilt up 90 degrees to reveal the subject. Hands down I said he would need a PeeWee dolly and several offsets off the arm. Better yet with a few extensions you can sit high enough to operate while doing the move.

Long story short, he asked me if I wanted to help rent the dolly, setup the gear and operate the camera. I also ended up directing the lighting.

So in the end I was the technical Director of Photography. Odd how that happens.

The camera setup.

Shooting green screen of the talent's hands as they "manipulate the future".

The shots look great and the dolly setup and camera moves worked like a charm. Hopefully, if the project goes public I can share the results.

Thanks to Chris for being the dolly grip and electrician for the show.


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