September 8, 2006 Justin Chin

Figure Drawing…

I put a call out at work for local public figure drawing classes. I’m listing it here because I’d like to have this close, available, and ready to roll at a pencil’s notice. The Palo Alto Art Center on Tuesday’s is already on my weekly calendar.

San Francisco:
Personal Studio
Tuesdays – 7pm-10pm
Saturday – 9am-12pm
[link]  Palo Alto:
Palo Alto Art Center
Tuesdays – 7pm-10pm
[link] Sunnyvale:
Cogswell College Figure Drawing Salon
Wednesday (typically) – 7pm-10pm
Yahoo Groups
[link]San Jose:
San Jose State University/Shrunken Head Man Club
Monday and Wednesday (typically) – 6:30pm-9:30pm
Room 312
Shrunken Head Man Club Site: [link]

The Shrunken Head Man Club looks like a fun group. Animators always are. I’m not sure who I’m talking to here, but if you have any fun art groups let me know.