September 17, 2006 Justin Chin

Billetproof 2006

Yesterday, I hitched a ride with John Bell over to Billetproof in Antioch, California. John sold his wares while I darted around the show, camera in hand. Man ‘o man, with over 800 cars, I was in rat-rod heaven. I took around 350 pictures with my tiny Sony DSC-P100.

Speaking of cameras, I have been looking at “pro level” cameras lately because I’d like to get a better digital SLR someday. Perhaps something like the Canon EOS-1D Mark II. I’m a huge fan of full frame image sensors, and that camera is all bite in that regard. Either that or I’ll just go for the Red One HD camera. That thing is sweet. I already have a nice set of Zeiss super speed that would be a perfect fit. Uncompressed 12 million pixels is nothing to sneeze at, especially if it’s running at 60 fps. Yes, I’m a camera nut. Cameras and cars go hand in hand with me. You better believe I’d be at the starting line with this camera.

Anyway, my tiny Sony  DSC-P100 is actually really nice for what I like to do because I can squeeze it into engines and wheel wells. You can find my artsy-fartsy examples from the show here.

We had a great time and afterwards we had dinner with one of the show’s founders, Kirk Jones, artist Jeff Allison and his buddies, Billy and Nate.