September 24, 2006 Justin Chin

Fuel and Fire (WIP) – First Post!

Going to Comic Con this year gave me a huge boost in my desire to finally do a comic book. I’ve been wanting to do a book for quite a while and I believe I’ve finally figured out a way to make it happen. Since I got back from Comic Con I’ve been quietly inching along on the art design and modeling for it.

The world development and storyline has been brewing inside my head a few years now. I’ll explain more on what it’s about as we get closer to Comic Con 2007. About 70% of the book is going to be created with SketchUp; this includes modeling the cars, environments and characters. All panels will be rendered using SketchUp, tweaked in Photoshop and assemble in I don’t know what (yet).

I’ve been working on 3 very different hot rods and here’s what I have for 2 of them.

Chopped, sectioned, and channeled (plus a lot of other things) 47 Ford Convertible. Still working on the front end, I’m going to french the lights and build a mean grille.

Lowered and trimmed out crawler.

Fuel and Fire is a working title.