May 22, 2017 Justin Chin

Story Design – Story Flow Using Adobe XD

As I develop another story for a VR series I’ve been experimenting in various ways of mapping episodic storylines. Typically, I use post-its on a board, but that works best for feature film length projects. I’ve also used mind mapping software, but this time I wanted to try something new.

After experimenting with Twine, Omni Graffle, and mind mapping software, I finally settled on Adobe XD.


The process of building the scene layout in XD has offered a reflective mental exercise as I convert this feature film script into a series format. It’s a back and forth process, from script, to map and back again. I know I’ll be directing this project so it allows me to look deeper into the visual elements and thematic arcs within episodes and over the course of the series. You’ll notice the lighter color scenes at the start of each episode and filtered throughout – those are the dreams of the protagonist. Zooming out of the story map patterns emerge. With this view I can see how the pace of the story develops. The added benefit of XD is that I can flip through the nodes on my phone and “play” the story like a scene by scene flip book.

More later.