March 31, 2007 Justin Chin

Idea Duck Takes On NY!

Some friends of the giantmonster have done well. Last month at the yearly Toy Fair in NY Susan McKinley Ross’ game, Qwirkle made a splash.  Qwirkle took the show by storm and has been called one of the cool new toys of the show by The Washington Post.

(click on the image to see the full article)

Since then the press keeps coming, most notably, a Press Democrat article on Susan and her company, Idea Duck. Read it here!


It’s inspiring to see people go out on their own and make their ideas a reality, and it’s even better when they the audience enjoys them. Way to go Susan, I can’t wait to see more from you!

To purchase Qwirkle, go to the MindWare site. You might find it cheaper somewhere else, but MindWare will always have it in stock. Regardless, whats a few bucks when it comes to supporting hard working talent like this. Yeah.