May 15, 2007 Justin Chin

Sam Modeling Part 3

Good progress today. No video though. The video thing is frustrating me a little. Too many quirks in any program I use. I believe I’m just running out of disk space so I spent a lot of time just deleting and backup up stuff yesterday.

So today I just wanted to crank out the work. Which I did.


Some notes:

  • Her torso and arms have yet to be wielded together, so that’s why there’s a lot of strange detail in her back.
  • Her breasts are not wielded to the body yet. I need to accommodate for clothing folds in the right places, gotta figure out the best way to do that.
  • Also on the shirt I need to add in the shoulder patches, collar etc.
  • I dropped in Chan’s boots and modified them a tiny bit. I figured that they would only have a few shoe makers in this “post apocalyptic world so many people would wear the same gear. Or, I’m just lazy? Take your pick.
  • The pants have a fair amount of polys in them (though I cut back from what I had before) to insure both good flexibility in Maya, and provide for some nice clothing wrinkles.
  • Need to finish up lower pants details, pockets and zippers.
  • Finish belt.
  • Not sure I’m going to add the tactical harness that I had in my sketch. It might just get in the way of the clean lines in the torso. Plus, rigging it would be a pain. I might just go with the rear hip pack, and place the extra ammo clips there.

Head and hands are coming up.