June 28, 2007 Justin Chin

Hunter Feet Revisited…

After building the feet on Tuesday and throwing that out, and building something Wednesday and throwing that out, and today I finally came up with something that works for me.



Some features:

  • The heel has a crampon like claws to better purchase the terrain
  • Three claws in the front legs, and 2 in the back
  • Added overall foot rotation in front
  • Eliminated the circular joint element in the hind leg/foot

I’m happy with the overall design, though I might work on the scale of some of the elements. The profile is nice looking but the front quarter angle makes the head look way too large. I might just fix that kind of stuff per render.

This brings up an artistic note, that while we will see many of these hunters traveling the wilds of the world, I will try and define each of them as individuals through scale changes, and part size differences, damage effects and unique parts/repairs.