July 2, 2007 Justin Chin

Hunter Head

I’m pretty much finished with the Hunter. Here’s a shot of the details inside the head. I connected the jaw, the teeth and the upper plates to the main head pivot.


Over the next few days I’ll start to organized the parts into viable groups, and components and build a hierarchy that will allow me to pose the model using the rigging methods described in my old posts (here). It’s going to be pretty complicated doing it in Sketchup. I’m using Frank Frazetta’s, “Stone Age” illustration as a posing target (see below). If I can pull that off I’ll be quite happy (obviously).


After all this I’m going to focus on the Hugh model. I need to make sure that his head geometry is good enough based off of the things I’ve learned rigging and creating blend shapes for Chan. I might redo the whole head since I have a new idea for his design though.