July 10, 2007 Justin Chin

Hunter Rigging – DONE!

Holy frijoles, Batman! Did I learn a lot from building this rig. It was relatively painless but it’s save to say that there were few roads untraveled, explored and retraced. Developing the rigging scheme for Chan’s tow truck and Hugh’s XR311 might have been tricky—this one was a handful.

And frankly, I loved every minute of it.

So here’s the final rig set up:


I tried to structure an easy to use visual guide into the rig that points to all the rotation inference points. For the most part, I made it so that any intersection with red touching it is off limits to rotation.

Here’s the hierarchy in the outliner:


As you can see there are a lot of “groups” in that list. Though I like to name things, I kept most of the “group” names because it was simpler visually. The most important items are named.

Anything with a CN in front of it is rigging geometry. Anything with a CNX is off limits to rotation.

Here’s a pose I made using the Frazetta “Stone Age” illustration as a target reference:


Here’s the Hunter running across the landscape:



hunter12.jpg hunter13.jpg