August 23, 2007 Justin Chin

Posing In Maya

What a day. I posed all the Hugh models for the first 2 pages of the scene I mocked up yesterday (see previous blog post). A total of 6 panels out of the 11 total for the spread (plus a super long shot for panel 1).

The posing in Maya was way fast to do. 6 panels took 3 hours. A few screen shots from Maya below:


Then I imported a panel into SketchUp and polished it up. The polishing phase in SketchUp is a little more time consuming – just 1 panel took about 2 hours. In SketchUp is where I focus on the line work and pop out all the details I want to emphasize, plus adding shadows. I’m starting to liken this part to the “inking” stage in comics.

In Maya.

Raw import into SketchUp.

The polished panel.