May 3, 2008 Justin Chin

FINISHED (for now) Transport Truck!

I’m keeping this short. This transport if finished. Finished that is; until I find some gaps in the modeling when I put the comic together. Yeah, yeah, I keep talking about this comic thing, and yes, I don’t blame you if your mind conjures the word “vapor”  every time you hear the title, “Fuel & Fire”.


I also made a flatbed version. 


The renders do not quite show all the little details I have been slowly (anything slower than a snails crawl?) finishing up on this beast.

Perhaps, Hanford put it best, when he described my work as an exercise in doing and not exactly finishing. It’s a toy that I play with – and not one that I can actually play with, but one that I dream of touching and driving.

I need a 3D printer.