May 4, 2008 Justin Chin

The Big Red One

Last Sunday was a nerd fest.

Nerds: Me, Charlie and Mary Angela
Rig: Red One Camera (
Subject: Pacific Coast Dream Machines (

(I don’t know a camera person who doesn’t like a picture of himself with fancy tech)
picture by Mary Angela

Charlie, Mary Angela and I went out and “tested” the Red One camera out in the field. Tested is in quotes because Charlie just grabbed the rig (from his workplace) last minute, we put the erector set of a camera together and we headed out to the Pacific Coast Dream Machines show in Half Moon Bay. No testing, no charts, nothing. We shot at 2k and at 7500 color temp.

And was it fun?

It sure was. What we had:

  • Red One camera
  • Sachtler Head and Sticks
  • Chrosziel 4x Swing Away Matt Box
  • Chrosziel Follow Focus
  • Red LCD
  • 2 Red Power Packs
  • 3 CF Drives (8gb each)
  • Red Drive
  • 135mm
  • 18mm
  • A set of Zeiss Super Speeds
  • 535 Handheld Rig

After we got back from the show we copied the files over from the CF and Harddrive onto my MacBookPro. How cool is that, it was a drag and drop deal, no need to cue anything. This camera was so simple to operate and to dump footage it was amazing. I loaded up the Red Cine app and dumped some snapshots.


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