May 26, 2009 Justin Chin


I’m sure no one noticed, but I’m back. Since my last post, a lot of things happened. Primarily, FACEBOOK happened. That has been my one stop for posting things. But now I’m ready to start posting some substantial content here on my blog first and then share it on my FB account.

So you heard it here, first, FB second. That is, at least for the more interesting stuff – no one else wants to hear about what I ate for lunch—do you?

Here’s the rundown so far –


Since my last post, I’ve shot 2 music videos. Been to Hong Kong and back twice, shot a short on Hong Kong, worked on a feature film production in south-west China, had some art published in a hot rod book, and shot a commercial that’ll be broadcast on ESPN several times a day for a week.

Here are some of the BTS pictures from the film shoot in China:

FB Photos 1
FB Photos 2
FB Photos 3
FB Photos 4

More updates to come!

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  1. found your blog by “accident” some weeks ago and it was very inspirational.
    i notice that you didnt post anything here for a long time an figure you stop updating.
    i went back today to take a look at your fuel and fire again, and here you are)
    im very impressed by your film-portfolio by the way, lovely!
    keep doing your stuff!!

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