Mentioned: Rolling Stones Article on the History of Star Wars Games

Honored to be included in an article on the Rolling Stone Glixel web site for the games I designed – Star Wars: Dark Forces and Dark Forces: Jedi Knight at LucasArts.


“As Disney’s ‘Rogue One’ hits theaters, we look back at three decades of sometimes wonderful (and sometimes not) adventures in a galaxy far, far away…”

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In The Absense of Theme In Games

The concept of theme has been burning in my mind lately.

Many game teams that I’ve worked with and the ones that I’ve lead, have often heard me talk about this subject. Theme is often a mysterious and elusive concept.

Let’s begin with some context. Here’s how I like to talk about theme as it pertains to story and plot:

if plot = what happens


theme = what the plot is about

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The Wayback Machine: Game POV

In what might be a continuing blog theme; I dredge up old stuff from my files and write about them. Embarrassing items are sure to come. Let’s begin with this little ditty.

full_shot_s.jpg(fig 1)

The above image was drawn sometime in 1994 while I was working on Star Wars: Dark Forces. It was 1 of 3 images on a single tabloid sheet of paper (my preferred media at the time). Here are the other two:

2_shot_s.jpg(fig 2)

over_angle_s.jpg(fig 3)

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