Fuel & Fire Visual Tests

I did some combing of the internets and found some tools that allow me to do some high quality SketchUp renders. I tried out two of them; VRay and Podium. One problem though – both of them do not render camera moves from scene to scene. So no animated 3D camera moves (unless I find another solution).

VRay/SU composite (bad mix of two light sources)


Podium/SU composite


Crashing the Tow Truck Part 2


I’ve been cranking away at these shots. This sequence is turning out pretty nice.

I’m playing with some rendering options, but I still like the monochromatic feel with simple shadows and the line rendering that’s classic SketchUp. The image was too static in the original output so I took into Photoshop and put some motion blur on it.

Okay back to work. I must finish this scene today.

More Skeleton on Skeleton Action!

The other day I posted some images of a skeleton that I rigged for posing. Here’s a video of how the posing works.


Here’s how I build a rig and set up the hierarchy in SU (the video Simon posted above shows how I pose) –

Instructions using a car as an example (you can even download the model used in the post):


My SU Posing video:

Skeleton on Skeleton Action

I needed a skeleton today. Not having time to build one, I grabbed one from the Sketchup 3D Warehouse. Not sure if the actual model will make it into the finish product, I might make a new one. Regardless, I built a posing rig for it and set it up in the scene.

(the model was created by nico_sketcher)

skeleton3_mod.jpg skeleton3_com.jpg skeleton3_rig.jpg