Fuel & Fire Visual Tests

I did some combing of the internets and found some tools that allow me to do some high quality SketchUp renders. I tried out two of them; VRay and Podium. One problem though – both of them do not render camera moves from scene to scene. So no animated 3D camera moves (unless I find another solution).

VRay/SU composite (bad mix of two light sources)


Podium/SU composite


Crashing the Tow Truck Part 2


I’ve been cranking away at these shots. This sequence is turning out pretty nice.

I’m playing with some rendering options, but I still like the monochromatic feel with simple shadows and the line rendering that’s classic SketchUp. The image was too static in the original output so I took into Photoshop and put some motion blur on it.

Okay back to work. I must finish this scene today.

More Skeleton on Skeleton Action!

The other day I posted some images of a skeleton that I rigged for posing. Here’s a video of how the posing works.


Here’s how I build a rig and set up the hierarchy in SU (the video Simon posted above shows how I pose) –

Instructions using a car as an example (you can even download the model used in the post):


My SU Posing video:

Skeleton on Skeleton Action

I needed a skeleton today. Not having time to build one, I grabbed one from the Sketchup 3D Warehouse. Not sure if the actual model will make it into the finish product, I might make a new one. Regardless, I built a posing rig for it and set it up in the scene.

(the model was created by nico_sketcher)

skeleton3_mod.jpg skeleton3_com.jpg skeleton3_rig.jpg


The Big Red One

Last Sunday was a nerd fest.

Nerds: Me, Charlie and Mary Angela
Rig: Red One Camera (www.red.com)
Subject: Pacific Coast Dream Machines (http://www.miramarevents.com/dreammachines/index.html)

(I don’t know a camera person who doesn’t like a picture of himself with fancy tech)
picture by Mary Angela

Charlie, Mary Angela and I went out and “tested” the Red One camera out in the field. Tested is in quotes because Charlie just grabbed the rig (from his workplace) last minute, we put the erector set of a camera together and we headed out to the Pacific Coast Dream Machines show in Half Moon Bay. No testing, no charts, nothing. We shot at 2k and at 7500 color temp.

And was it fun? Read more