Storytelling for 360 Media


With new emerging platforms today (and the general evolution of new media) we now find ourselves with some interesting narrative challenges.

Specifically, of note; 360 video or virtual reality experiences where your viewer has a choice of what they want to focus on. Experiencing a 360 video can be stunning to the viewer, but telling a story with the medium can be a challenge. There are many ways to tell a story and we are entering a new evolution of what that means with 360 video and the VR world.

So how can we evolve from our current storytelling paradigm into a 360 medium?

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Story Design – Story Flow Using Adobe XD

As I develop another story for a VR series I’ve been experimenting in various ways of mapping episodic storylines. Typically, I use post-its on a board, but that works best for feature film length projects. I’ve also used mind mapping software, but this time I wanted to try something new.

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‘Lupe Under the Sun’ (‘Lupe Bajo el Sol’): LAFF Review


Rodrigo Reyes’ study of the travails of an aging Mexican migrant farm worker in the U.S. earned a special mention from LAFF’s World Fiction jury.

“As in Purgatory, Reyes’s cameraman Justin Chin eschews hand-held in favor of elegant framing which suggest that we are not dealing with transitory political issues, but with permanent, human ones.”

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NEWS! Rita Moreno’s newest — on location in west side Berkeley – SFGate

The film I’m shooting now just appeared online on SFGate!

On a recent Monday afternoon, Rita Moreno, 83, walked in on a flamenco dance class in Berkeley. Standing at the back, it took her full concentration to get the steps wrong and look like a flat-footed granny.

Moreno can certainly do flamenco and any other dance, as she proved while winning an Academy Award in “West Side Story.” Moreno is now filming “Remember Me,” an independent feature, which is scheduled for release in 2016 and was shot entirely on location in the East Bay during June and July.

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Source: Rita Moreno’s newest — on location in west side Berkeley – SFGate

Cinematography: Nowhere Girl – Feature Film


Jed Rigney Director

Justin Chin Director of Photography

Camera RED Epic MX


Nowhere Girl is a charming, funny and heartfelt story about how falling in
love can be exhilarating but also a bit crazy. After Tyler (Josh Robert
Thompson) meets Katy (Ilana Guralnik) he finally starts to shake off the
lingering effects of a bad break-up and she inspires him to do more and be
more than the life he had settled into.

At first his friends Michelle and Justin (Jennifer Aspen and David O’Donnell)
think this is a wonderful change, but cracks in this new relationship start to
show and they begin thinking it’s unhealthy. But just what is “unhealthy”
when it comes to a relationship and just who gets to decide these things?


Ellensburg Film Festival Official Selection, 2014

United Film Festival Audience Award Best Feature, 2014