Storytelling for 360 Media


With new emerging platforms today (and the general evolution of new media) we now find ourselves with some interesting narrative challenges.

Specifically, of note; 360 video or virtual reality experiences where your viewer has a choice of what they want to focus on. Experiencing a 360 video can be stunning to the viewer, but telling a story with the medium can be a challenge. There are many ways to tell a story and we are entering a new evolution of what that means with 360 video and the VR world.

So how can we evolve from our current storytelling paradigm into a 360 medium?

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Story Design – Story Flow Using Adobe XD

As I develop another story for a VR series I’ve been experimenting in various ways of mapping episodic storylines. Typically, I use post-its on a board, but that works best for feature film length projects. I’ve also used mind mapping software, but this time I wanted to try something new.

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NOTES ON VR – 360 Shooting and Points of Interest


Points of Interest (POI) come up often, as they should, when starting a 360 VR shoot. As many have noted before me, guiding the viewer through a 360 experience is an storytelling opportunity. So I’m going to write down some notes I have on the subject here.

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New HTC Vive adds front-facing camera, redesigned controller ergonomics

I was just writing a wish list last night about the things I’d like to see moving forward with the Gear VR.  One of the things I wanted in a lot of the apps (and home screen) was the ability to see outside the closed confines of the HMD. For me it’s not claustrophobia, but it’s not knowing what’s out there in the real world, while I experience the VR one.

Interesting to see that Vive has incorporated this into the release. I’m guessing that this would allow you to input the various features of your room without hand measuring. I can imagine some interesting uses for it.

Source: New HTC Vive adds front-facing camera, redesigned controller ergonomics