Cinematography: Nowhere Girl – Feature Film


Jed Rigney Director

Justin Chin Director of Photography

Camera RED Epic MX


Nowhere Girl is a charming, funny and heartfelt story about how falling in
love can be exhilarating but also a bit crazy. After Tyler (Josh Robert
Thompson) meets Katy (Ilana Guralnik) he finally starts to shake off the
lingering effects of a bad break-up and she inspires him to do more and be
more than the life he had settled into.

At first his friends Michelle and Justin (Jennifer Aspen and David O’Donnell)
think this is a wonderful change, but cracks in this new relationship start to
show and they begin thinking it’s unhealthy. But just what is “unhealthy”
when it comes to a relationship and just who gets to decide these things?


Ellensburg Film Festival Official Selection, 2014

United Film Festival Audience Award Best Feature, 2014



Cinematography: Purgatorio – Feature Documentary

Rodrigo Reyes Director

Justin Chin Director of Photography

Camera Sony NEX FS100


“A searing, horrifying, at times starkly beautiful documentary. Brilliantly photographed, this is a strikingly assured work […] offering an impressionistic ground-level view of the simmering humanitarian crisis occurring just outside, and often within, American borders.”

– Andrew Barker, Variety


IFP Lab 2012 Official Selection

Ann Arbor Film Festival Winner Michael Moore Award, Best Documentary Feature, 2014

San Diego Latino Film Festival Best Documentary Feature, 2014

New Orleans Film Festival Winner Best Documentary Feature, 2013

This Human World, Vienna Jury Prize Best Documentary, 2013

Guadalajara Intl. Film Festival In Competition, 2013

Los Angeles Film Festival In Competition, 2013

Woodstock Int. Film Festival In Competition, 2013

Warsaw Film Festival In Competition, 2013

Chicago Intl. Film Festival Official Selection, 2013

Raindance Film Festival, 2013

Vancouver Intl. Film Festival, 2013

Festival de Cine de La Habana, 2013

Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival