Fuel & Fire Visual Tests

I did some combing of the internets and found some tools that allow me to do some high quality SketchUp renders. I tried out two of them; VRay and Podium. One problem though – both of them do not render camera moves from scene to scene. So no animated 3D camera moves (unless I find another solution).

VRay/SU composite (bad mix of two light sources)


Podium/SU composite


Monday Morning Quarterbacking

So the past few weeks I’ve been making some progress on Fuel & Fire and most importantly I’ve done some conceptual experimenting. So now is a good time to take stock of all that work. This thing has become a beast of a project despite all my efforts to keep it simple. All in all it really doesn’t matter how long it takes (except for the opportunity cost to my free time). A big part of creating the Fuel & Fire project is that it allows an avenue for me to learn new tools.

Let the game film/state of the state/mental re-alignment begin… Read more