Uturn’s Nathalie Mathe Interview on Voices of VR

Check out this great interview done by Kent Bye of Voices of VR of Nathalie Mathe, creator of UTURN, on the themes of sexism and gender discrimination covered in our VR film. We also talked about the interactive storytelling innovations, the creative sound design, the challenges of telling parallel stories, and some of the funding challenges involved in bootstrapping an independent production.

“UTURN is one of the more technically accomplished 360-videos that makes a number of storytelling innovations to create the feeling of an interactive experience …, and it addresses important themes of sexism within the tech industry VR in a new way.”

UTURN Article on Impactful

UTURN continues it’s march into the public space with this writeup by┬áPaula Reinman from Impactful.

Virtual Reality: An Unlikely Ally in the Dialog on Gender Bias

Amid the continued failure of tech companies to improve the diversity of their leadership teams (and frequently their overall employee base), virtual reality (VR) seems like an unlikely technology partner to champion gender equality. Largely owned and operated by men with experiences focuse


UTURN – Submission to Sundance and Onto Post Production

Our Sundance submission marks the first milestone for post production to Uturn! I’ll be doing most of the editing and Tippett Studio will be doing the post and app work. We hope to do some test screenings at a few venues coming up – stay tuned!

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