Mentioned: Rolling Stones Article on the History of Star Wars Games

Honored to be included in an article on the Rolling Stone Glixel web site for the games I designed – Star Wars: Dark Forces and Dark Forces: Jedi Knight at LucasArts.


“As Disney’s ‘Rogue One’ hits theaters, we look back at three decades of sometimes wonderful (and sometimes not) adventures in a galaxy far, far away…”

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Best Cinematic Intro for a Video Game Ever

I’ve always loved Passion Pictures work since I saw the Gorillaz, “El Manana” music video, but this one makes me want to move to the UK, stalk them and director Pete Candeland, eat their livers and BECOME THEM. Yes, I said it.

Click on the image to see the cinematic…

Medal of…?

EA sent out a teaser image for the new Medal of Honor: Airborne to their email subscribers.


Oh… wait, what’s Homer doing in there? The marketing machine begins. The Simpsons game is going to be crazy cool.

posting this from my wii

sounds obscene, i know, but right now i’m on my couch writing this post using the wiimote. wow. interesting experiment but i’m hoping nintendo adds usb keyboard support. i’m not sure i can keep typing like this for any extended period of time. as for web browsing and email on my plasma screen tv, sign me up. most every communication and information element should be in the livingroom. why not?

couple of possible improvements for the wii web browsing:

  • the ability to scroll, up, down, left and right with the left thumbstick, not just the default method of holding down the right trigger.
  • keyboard support (like i mentioned above)
  • a spacebar key on the ‘mote
  • support for multple browser pages