Fuel and Fire (WIP) – First Post!

Going to Comic Con this year gave me a huge boost in my desire to finally do a comic book. I’ve been wanting to do a book for quite a while and I believe I’ve finally figured out a way to make it happen. Since I got back from Comic Con I’ve been quietly inching along on the art design and modeling for it.

The world development and storyline has been brewing inside my head a few years now. I’ll explain more on what it’s about as we get closer to Comic Con 2007. About 70% of the book is going to be created with SketchUp; this includes modeling the cars, environments and characters. All panels will be rendered using SketchUp, tweaked in Photoshop and assemble in I don’t know what (yet).

I’ve been working on 3 very different hot rods and here’s what I have for 2 of them.

Chopped, sectioned, and channeled (plus a lot of other things) 47 Ford Convertible. Still working on the front end, I’m going to french the lights and build a mean grille.

Lowered and trimmed out crawler.

Fuel and Fire is a working title.

Finished Draft Treatment (2 of 3)!

I finished the prison film treatment this morning! I had most of it done last week, but it was a slow week of changes from the producer. Right now I’m primed to polish it up this weekend if I get any last minute notes. I also need to write a character study for it.

With the amount of thinking that I’ve put into the treatment, I feel I could bang out the script in no time. The treatment came out to 9 pages – not huge and not small. Terry Rossio says a treatment should be about 7 pages, my screenwriting teacher said (looking at my notes) 8-12 pages.

Who cares, I say. I’m done, and I’m happy with the results, even if this film never sees celluloid. Or maybe I’m just happy to move on.

Of course the next thing I was going to move onto is the horror film. But more notes came in and I’m going to need to put in a whole rewrite for the first treatment I finished for said producer (the music film). One of the other producers wants to go in a different direction. He calls the shots, and that puts me into a whole new rewrite. Bummer. Oh well, I’m still having fun.

More research this weekend.

Bought an Original John Bell


John Bell painted a great piece for Billetproof. My first glimpse of it came as we unloaded the van, and I claimed it before we were done setting up the booth. Now, all I have to do is find a frame and hang it in my office – along with the millions of other things I need framed.

Billetproof 2006

Yesterday, I hitched a ride with John Bell over to Billetproof in Antioch, California. John sold his wares while I darted around the show, camera in hand. Man ‘o man, with over 800 cars, I was in rat-rod heaven. I took around 350 pictures with my tiny Sony DSC-P100.

Speaking of cameras, I have been looking at “pro level” cameras lately because I’d like to get a better digital SLR someday. Perhaps something like the Canon EOS-1D Mark II. I’m a huge fan of full frame image sensors, and that camera is all bite in that regard. Either that or I’ll just go for the Red One HD camera. That thing is sweet. I already have a nice set of Zeiss super speed that would be a perfect fit. Uncompressed 12 million pixels is nothing to sneeze at, especially if it’s running at 60 fps. Yes, I’m a camera nut. Cameras and cars go hand in hand with me. You better believe I’d be at the starting line with this camera.

Anyway, my tiny Sony  DSC-P100 is actually really nice for what I like to do because I can squeeze it into engines and wheel wells. You can find my artsy-fartsy examples from the show here.

We had a great time and afterwards we had dinner with one of the show’s founders, Kirk Jones, artist Jeff Allison and his buddies, Billy and Nate.

The Coolest Find

I was taking a break from writing today and notice that my blog is turning into wall of text. So I thought I’d share the most awesome antique store find that Gary was kind enough to share with me last week. 

It’s a snapshot of what looks like an old 1920’s road race through the country side. I seriously, seriously, love those cars. It makes me all warm inside.

The Notes Come In…

So last week I posted, “First Draft Treatment Done (1 of 3)!“, which is, I’m sure, a bit out context. So let me explain.

The flashback: A producer friend of mine has 3 film projects burning a hole in his schedule, with production groups and other producers waiting for him to hand over scripts. He called me 2 weeks ago to enlist some help, and I, for some inhumanly odd reason, said yes. Why not? The projects look fun; a music film, prison film, and a horror film. What a crazy mix, huh? Also, I had written an outline for the prison project a few years back and I really loved it, so this was a chance to finish up those efforts.

I outlined a schedule of finishing a 1 treatment per week. Normally an easy thing to do, but I have a day job, and I only write about 1.5 hours a day – my personal daily writing regiment. Needless to say, this work is going to take up that precious time. I don’t want to burn myself out, and also make my day job suffer, by taking any more time than that.

So now we return to the present day, and we’re at the end of week 2. The prison treatment is going along great, when the producer called with some notes on last weeks music treatment. I spent an hour on Wednesday and came up with some solutions to his notes and sent them off. They were approved, and this morning I set out to include them into the music treatment.

Did you get all that?

So, I know what you’re thinking, “Screw the sob story, are you throw’n down the work?”

Yes. But it’s one day late. Luckily, I expected all this, and I gave myself some overage time. Frankly, I think it’s all going way too well. Knock on wood…

Figure Drawing…

I put a call out at work for local public figure drawing classes. I’m listing it here because I’d like to have this close, available, and ready to roll at a pencil’s notice. The Palo Alto Art Center on Tuesday’s is already on my weekly calendar.

San Francisco:
Personal Studio
Tuesdays – 7pm-10pm
Saturday – 9am-12pm
[link]  Palo Alto:
Palo Alto Art Center
Tuesdays – 7pm-10pm
[link] Sunnyvale:
Cogswell College Figure Drawing Salon
Wednesday (typically) – 7pm-10pm
Yahoo Groups
[link]San Jose:
San Jose State University/Shrunken Head Man Club
Monday and Wednesday (typically) – 6:30pm-9:30pm
Room 312
Shrunken Head Man Club Site: [link]

The Shrunken Head Man Club looks like a fun group. Animators always are. I’m not sure who I’m talking to here, but if you have any fun art groups let me know.

Comic Con Loot

I finished up my daily writing regiment and thought I’d post a picture of my Comic Con loot. Nothing fancy, just the books and doesn’t include the way cool toys I nabbed. More on that later…

The list from top to bottom:

Updated My, “About Me” Page

I threw my filmography, and gameography onto my bio page. What a pain in the keister. It’s all my fault. I wanted to have fancy table formatting, and man was it wonky to build. I should say that WordPress’ html work-flow has much to be desired. I do like how it converts the html it doesn’t like to code it does like. I don’t like the fact that if the conversion really borks the page, you can’t undo. I had to rebuild my tables twice. Perhaps there’s something I’m missing.

There’s always something I’m missing.

At least I’m done with that page for awhile. Good riddance – on to more important things.

First Draft Treatment Done (1 of 3)!

I just sent off the first draft treatment for 1 of 3 treatments I’m working on. Phew! 1940 words in 5 days. Might not sound like much, but I wrote it all during my morning writing regiment – about 1.5 hours a day.

Working out the structure and the 14 scenes came very easily for some reason. I usually have to really pour some brain power into it. It helped that the client loved the direction I was going in when he read through my early drops. Smooth sailing.

It turned out nice, I believe. Hopefully, more later.

Next week I’m onto another treatment, different genre, subject and tone. I have some reading homework this weekend.