New Fuel & Fire WIP

I just finished some work on Jimmy Chan‘s tow truck.

Chan's Engine Combo WIP     Chan's Tow Bed WIP

I thought Jimmy would want a lot of power for towing, so I hooked him up with two side by side over-sized Flatheads. The pipes criss cross underneath and out under the frame rails. Still more work on belting the pulleys, hooking up the valve heads, and adding electrical. Plus, if you look hard enough you’ll see I’ve officially attached the headlights, and the front suspension.

I filled the tow bed with rare planks of wood (in the universe that this story takes place in) and added the winch. I also built dual fuel tanks to feed the two massive Flatheads and tucked them right behind the cab.

Fuel & Fire Story Outline

Just completed an outline for Fuel and Fire this weekend. Some good detail in there. It’s looking pretty massive; 15 scenes, 10 characters, 6 locations, 25 props, and 6 vehicles. I’ve haven’t fully combed through the outline to finalize those numbers. I suspect that the prop count to sky rocket. Side note: I’m writing with Sophocles 2006 Beta screenwriting software. It has some great asset management stuff that’s allowing me to make lists of things I need to build. Hence my initial numbers.

I can safely say this will be a massive undertaking. It’ll probably be about 45 pages. I’m going to work on what my page count will look like this week, roughing out the story panels. I knew it was going to be tough, but this is way huge. Oh, and this is only about 1/2 the story. It’ll be a two parter for sure.

Luckily, there’s a lot of desert. I have 4 of the vehicles started and some of the locations.

85 days till the Xeric grant deadline and less than 9 months till Comic Con. Can I do it? It’s gonna happen. There’s just have no time for a life.