posting this from my wii

sounds obscene, i know, but right now i’m on my couch writing this post using the wiimote. wow. interesting experiment but i’m hoping nintendo adds usb keyboard support. i’m not sure i can keep typing like this for any extended period of time. as for web browsing and email on my plasma screen tv, sign me up. most every communication and information element should be in the livingroom. why not?

couple of possible improvements for the wii web browsing:

  • the ability to scroll, up, down, left and right with the left thumbstick, not just the default method of holding down the right trigger.
  • keyboard support (like i mentioned above)
  • a spacebar key on the ‘mote
  • support for multple browser pages

The Wayback Machine: Cinematography

More digging up the old files.

This is a teen horror film that I shot mid 2003, called Halloween House Party (imdb). There’s a lot I might say about doing this shoot – in short it was grueling. We only had 9 days to shoot a 90 page script, so we had to be very organized. Lighting, Camera and Production departments worked like a dream, other things not so much.

I made these maps in MS Visio to help guide the A and B crew with the set schedule for the day. My 1st AC, Gaffer, Set Decorator, 1st AD and Director all had a copy of these sheets. I kept a full script (printed half size) and this sheet tucked into my AC pouch.

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In The Absense of Theme In Games

The concept of theme has been burning in my mind lately.

Many game teams that I’ve worked with and the ones that I’ve lead, have often heard me talk about this subject. Theme is often a mysterious and elusive concept.

Let’s begin with some context. Here’s how I like to talk about theme as it pertains to story and plot:

if plot = what happens


theme = what the plot is about

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The Wayback Machine: Game POV

In what might be a continuing blog theme; I dredge up old stuff from my files and write about them. Embarrassing items are sure to come. Let’s begin with this little ditty.

full_shot_s.jpg(fig 1)

The above image was drawn sometime in 1994 while I was working on Star Wars: Dark Forces. It was 1 of 3 images on a single tabloid sheet of paper (my preferred media at the time). Here are the other two:

2_shot_s.jpg(fig 2)

over_angle_s.jpg(fig 3)

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Hillary Will Crashes At Las Vegas

Crash @ the Strip in Las Vegas


Well I can’t wait for the 2007 season of Drag Racing, starting with the Winter Nationals at Pomona this weekend. And before it has even started we have a fiery crash.

Luckily, Hillary Will is fine. You can find some crazy pictures of the crash at the NHRA site.

New @#$% Host!

The blog’s been up and down for 3 weeks now. So some changes had to happen. Albeit slow going, but non-the-less going.

Welcome back, I say!

It feels good to have this up and running. I’ve been like a caged liger (pretty much my favorite animal), without a home for my dainty voice. Let the hacking begin!

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s not only a new host for this blog but a new name! Welcome to GIANTMONSTER.TV! This has been something I’ve been planning to do for a while and when my previous host had some major problems, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and do some reorganization.

GIANTMONSTER.TV will be the home for the Fuel & Fire comic book and some other things I’m working on. Stay tuned.