Marathon Day 17 – Pipes and New Intake

Added pipes and shaped out a new intake system for the supercharger. It’s more like the old school plane scoops with a hint of a top fueler. Tomorrow I’ll bore out the interior of the scoop. I could have done it all at the same time when I shaped the outside, but I didn’t think of it.



I just had to share this…


I’ve been watching this show,  America at a Crossroads on PBS, and one of the documentaries had this great motion graphic animated short in it. Sweet artwork, and amazing camera FX. Very inspiring. The art above and in the show is by Christopher Koelle. Not sure who did the motion graphics…

You can watch the clip here:

I just had to share this…


I’ve been watching this show,  America at a Crossroads on PBS, and one of the documentaries had this great motion graphic animated short in it. Sweet artwork, and amazing camera FX. Very inspiring. The art above and in the show is by Christopher Koelle. Not sure who did the motion graphics…

You can watch the clip here:

Marathon Day 16 – Engine Housing

I put in some work on the supercharger and intake this morning. The supercharger has that funny car look, and might not match with the overall design. I sort of like them, but obviously I’m not completely sold. We’ll see if I change my mind after I put on some of the zoomies. I’m guessing that a standard scoop might look better and work with the long thin shape of the engine housing.

The housing pods are designed resemble P-51 Mustangs, which should push the overall design into the 1940’s motif. You’ll also notice that I moved the engines forward within the housing; a departure from the P-51 set up. This was done purely for looks and so I could create longer drawn out pipes. 

 The outline around the engine pieces show where the housing is going to be exposed and out in the open. I’m not doing that until I get further into the building.

None of this is final – but it’s shaping up.



Marathon Day 15 – Allison 1720 v12


Today I worked on blocking out the cockpit windows for the flying wing. Then I started on building the Allison 1720 power plant. This engine was one of the most widely used American power plants during WWII and an obvious choice for powering the flying wing.

You’ll probably only see the top of this engine, and maybe the oil pan, so I am leaving out most of the details. More to finish at the top of the engine (including a Chan designed super charger), and then it goes into the wing for zoomie routing.

Marathon Day 14 – Wing #2

So after yesterday’s trash bin of a post, we come to marathon day 14 and a newly redone flying wing model.

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I’m liking how it’s turning out. The body is quite modern in design given I used the very modern Northrop Grumman Killer Bee UAV as inspiration. The engines, cockpit, cargo, and exterior details will have some older styling circa the 40’s.

Here are the results after the video:




Still to do:

  • Build the Jimmy Chan modified super charged Allison 1710 V12 power plants and their custom zoomies. I have plenty of reference for that, and will probably be my next step.

  • Design and build the landing gear mechanism. At first I wanted the gear to tuck into the body, but my desire to have nice and large twin delta tandem rear landing gear supersedes the need to move them into the body in flight. They’re just going tuck up close to the underside. Goofy? Not sure. But the requirement of allowing this beast land on non runway terrain is important. Plus, I think the massive gear in the rear looks cool (for the Funny Car look).

  • Design and build the cockpit canopy and the cockpit interior. Lots of windows to provide foot views of the ground and the wing tips.

  • Design and build the cargo door and cargo bay.

Marathon Day 13 – The Wing??

Okay did some research and modeling today. The research gave me some ideas about what I want to do with with the engines, and the landing gear.

The modeling gave me an idea of what NOT to do. Although it was about 1 hour and 40 minutes of modeling something that I’m going to throw away, it was worth it. By that I mean I learned what’s not going to work for this design.

I tried to peek a fuselage shape in the classic wing design. It looks dorky. The reference images I’m looking at all work really well, and I love them. They all have zilch in the area of a center fuselage. So when I strayed from them, I didn’t make it better, I made it suck.

So stick to what you like, and in this case, a cool looking wing.

Oh well. So today you get to see the results of something that’s going into the trash. Below is the best angle I could find that didn’t hide the crappy part, and yet looked decent. Perhaps when I correct this tomorrow, I’ll be brave enough to show you what went wrong. Then again, probably not.


Marathon Day 12 – The Wing!

I’m going off on a new model right now. It might look like I’m all over the place but there’s a plan – really, there is.

The marathon was designed to get through a lot of work on my comic, Fuel & Fire. Part of the process that I go through is “sketching” out all the major elements in the book. This will help center the overall look and feel for the world.

You’ll see some repetitive objects in some of the models. This might look like a cop out on my part – trust me it’s not. Yes, it saves time for me not to have to build and design every little detail, but in reality some of this repetition it’s a part of the story. The key thing for me is to make sure it doesn’t look cheap.

Several items on my list for the rest of the marathon:

  • Plenty of changes are going to happen in the previous models.
    • Hugh gets a new valve on his skin suit
    • The Bull is going to get an overhaul (based off of some things created on the Hunter)
    • The Hunter is going to be refined and get a meaner treatment
    • Based on how the Bull and Hunter turn out I’ll go back and refine the Crawler
    • I’m going to work on Chan’s shop and overall location design
  • New stuff
    • Ammo and Waffles, Chan’s neighbor
    • Some weapon design
    • Rigging Hugh
    • Rigging the Hunter
    • Hopefully get to a battle scene that I’ve blocked out already with Hugh, pack of Hunters and a precursor vehicle to the Hummer
    • I’m going to build another character for the story. She’s a hunter, and she owns and flies a flying wing
    • The Flying Wing

Now for the fun images of the day:



This is a quick “blocking sketch” for the Flying Wing to develop some sense of its shape. A couple of things I wanted for it:

  • Hot rod looks
  • Funny car style profile
  • It should be able to land on the typical rough and flat terrain prevalent in Fuel & Fire
  • Old school styling of wartime 40’s aircraft
  • Each engine should have it’s own unique zoomies popping out of them
  • Don’t rip off Ron Cobb’s design from, Raiders of the Lost Ark, too much. (might be too late for that)

That’s it for today. I’m taking the rest of the day off. Been working too hard and I’m going to the museum.

Have a better one!

Marathon Day 11 – The Head


Worked on the head today. I like the teeth, and some of the overall shapes. It needs to look a little meaner though. I’m going to take a break from this model. Hopefully, I’ll have something interesting to show tomorrow…

Marathon Day 10 – Light Those Pipes

This morning I worked on some pipes for, what I’m now calling, the Hunter model. As I designed them and was imagining a motorcycle by a favorite builder of mine, Jesse Rooke. Specifically his bike, Darla, and its titanium pipes. I love how the welds compliment each curve.

My version done in 2 videos:

Part 1 
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Part 2 
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At the end of all that I have: