Uturn’s Nathalie Mathe Interview on Voices of VR

Check out this great interview done by Kent Bye of Voices of VR of Nathalie Mathe, creator of UTURN, on the themes of sexism and gender discrimination covered in our VR film. We also talked about the interactive storytelling innovations, the creative sound design, the challenges of telling parallel stories, and some of the funding challenges involved in bootstrapping an independent production.

“UTURN is one of the more technically accomplished 360-videos that makes a number of storytelling innovations to create the feeling of an interactive experience …, and it addresses important themes of sexism within the tech industry VR in a new way.”

Remember Me – Coming Soon!

LA friends! A comedy I shot will have a short theatrical release Thanksgiving weekend!

Opens Friday, November 24, 2017
Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills

Get your tickets here!

If you can’t make that it goes into digital and on demand November 28th.