Maverick Spirit Award

Last year I shot a interstitial piece highlighting Cinequest’s Maverick Award for 2010. The piece focused on sculptor Carlos Perez who designed the award and was shot at the Sacramento Art Foundry. The finished piece was played before each Maverick Award was presented to the recipients.  This year the award was given to Deepak Chopra , Benjamin Bratt and Terry Zwigoff.

Produced by: Moving Red
Music by: Andrew (Endika) Currier
End Graphic: Konstantin Abadjiev

“Cinderella Moon” Feature Film at Toronto Film Festival

In my earlier post, I talked about how I just got back from working on a feature film shoot in China,  called “Cinderella Moon”.

“Cinderella Moon”

Well, the film is finished and is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival. So if you’re in town in September go check it out! Unfortunately, I’ll be out of the country in south-east Asia for some shooting and documentary research.

Here are some of my BTS photos (and a select group of other crew photos) from the shoot:

FB Photos 1
FB Photos 2
FB Photos 3
FB Photos 4

Website Changes

So I’ve been slowly updating my web site and have made some pretty big changes. Certainly, still more to go, but I wanted to get the structure up and running as soon as possible so I could get the site working for me.

I’ve had some great feedback given to me and given that I’m quite busy, I’ll work on changes as I go. If you have any feedback let me know.

Some of the new ideas and goals I had for the site:

  • Show how I can contribute to the visual elements for film production.
  • Illustrate a visual development  in stages and how each step the creative process can work with each other.
  • Preview examples of artwork as well as a cinematography and how that affects each development step.
  • Discuss how I can be a part of any one of these steps in part, or in whole.
  • Provide a “story” to each image to further illustrate the process.
  • The site should work on a creative level, as well as on a rental equipment level (even though that’s not my primary focus).

The sum total of these goals should show that I have a broad range of experience in visual storytelling; both in development and execution.

And just because I like to include images with each post, here’s a new image I made up for the new site:


This image shows how precise you can be with SketchUp as a pre-production and planning tool. I used SU to plan how the dolly track and jib combo would work (or even if it would work) as it dollies back out the Oakland City Hall main doorway. I was also able to figure out how the sun would hit the stairway and what was needed with an overhead silk to knock out some of the direct sunlight as it changed throughout the morning.

Whoops, I Accidently Made Something in SketchUp…

… How did that happen?

On Sunday I have a complicated shot that I’ve been planning for weeks now. I took measurements and built the Jimmy Jib Triangle that we’re going to use as well as the basic measurements of the location.

The shot will have a dolly run of about 36 feet, moving the jib from the foot of the stairway, out through the door and on the front entrance landing.

The SketchUp Jimmy Jib model has fully articulated parts so you can rotate the jib arm head separately from the base, as well as a functional remote head.

I guess I gotta build the RED One cam in SketchUp now…


I’m sure no one noticed, but I’m back. Since my last post, a lot of things happened. Primarily, FACEBOOK happened. That has been my one stop for posting things. But now I’m ready to start posting some substantial content here on my blog first and then share it on my FB account.

So you heard it here, first, FB second. That is, at least for the more interesting stuff – no one else wants to hear about what I ate for lunch—do you?

Here’s the rundown so far –


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The New Mind Bending Canon 5D II

Click on the above link to see the video!

Features (list shamelessly copied from Gizmodo):

  • 14-bit conversion
  • 3.9FPS unlimited burst rate with JPEG using UDMA CF card, or 14 RAW (standard CF card is 78 JPEG, 13 RAW
  • Four-channel readout that’s 2.2x faster than the 5D
  • Lens peripheral illumination correction, like 50D, but better supposedly
  • 15-point auto-focus
  • Creative auto mode, also like 50D
  • Auto-lighting optimizer
  • Three levels of noise reduction that kicks in above ISO800
  • RAW, sRAW1 (10MP), sRAW2 (5MP)
  • Three-inch, 920,000 dot-screen
  • New and improved battery (incompatible with old one) that delivers 850 shots or 1.5 hours of video
  • 150,000 cycle shutter
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • NO built-in flash

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RED One Camera

basket filled
light falls on c mos
images by red

The button was pressed yesterday, money flows today and the RED is soon on its way.

What’s with the horrible poetry? Plenty of little items still need to be acquired but that was the big one. Super geeky unboxing photos to follow as soon as the beauty arrives.