UTURN – Submission to Sundance and Onto Post Production

Our Sundance submission marks the first milestone for post production to Uturn! I’ll be doing most of the editing and Tippett Studio will be doing the post and app work. We hope to do some test screenings at a few venues coming up – stay tuned!

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UTURN is a 360 video Virtual Reality comedy series offering full immersion into the daily life of a woman working in tech. We aim to raise engagement towards gender diversity through this inclusive and fun VR experience. At any time during the story, the viewer chooses which POV to follow: a female coder or her male boss.


The pilot follows a dog-themed dating site as it goes down due to a data center server interruption that sweeps the nation. It is up to a female developer and her male teammates to get their site up and running again before their CTO, who’s juggling his own problems, has to make a pivotal pitch to VCs the next day.

Sophia Dipaola
Steve Goldbloom
Marc Fong Jr
Wynton Odd
Shruti Tewari
Calum Grant
Steve Westdahl
Scott Free
Carrie Paff

Directed By
Ryan Lynch

Written By
Nathalie Mathe, Justin Chin

Screenplay By
Ryan Lynch

Produced By

NOTES ON VR – 360 Shooting and Points of Interest

grandlakepanoPoints of Interest (POI) come up often, as they should, when starting a 360 VR shoot. As many have noted before me, guiding the viewer through a 360 experience is an storytelling opportunity. So I’m going to write down some notes I have on the subject here.

What this means by device:

  • HMDs – the viewer will turn their body/head to change their POV
  • PHONE – the viewer has choices (AKA window viewing)
    • viewer can change view by sliding their finger on screen
      AND OR
    • viewer can change view by physically spinning around turning their phone in full 360 (as if they’re taking a panoramic photo)

What this means philosophically in editorial:

  • Baseline, editorial is the same between devices.
  • At minimum you want to try and decide/assume what your main point of interest might be for:
    • beginning of shot
    • end of shot
  • With this notion you’ll want to cut from one point of interest at the end of one shot, to the one you’d like your viewer to see at the start of the next shot.

What this means while shooting:

  • Design your blocking with editorial in mind.
  • Do you want your character/point of interest to move from on side to another, then in your next shot start with another point of interest and go from there?
  • How much movement are you assuming you’d like your audience to perform
    • Is forward always forward
    • Do you want your audience to realign their forward as they view your piece?

Camera Moves:

  • Window viewing (without an HMD or Cardboard) is less nausea inducing with moving shots
  • Viewing with HMD’s will have higher likelihood of nausea with moving shots – depending on type of shot

By all means there’s plenty to talk about with this subject, and plenty of new ground to uncover. So you must make a “best guess” as to where the audience might be looking. 360 video is not a perfect medium to direct and audience’s attention. You must do it with the on screen subject matter.

Regardless, it’s a very exciting medium for storytelling. It’s not going to replace standard 2D/Flat storytelling any time soon, but it’s an interesting dive into how one might tell a story through the additional element of allowing the viewer to select what they focus on.

GoPro Omni Shoot In LA

A yet to announced music video, that I’ll be stitching together over the next few weeks. The Gopro Omni is a nice 360 camera setup. Notes on that later.

‘Lupe Under the Sun’ (‘Lupe Bajo el Sol’): LAFF Review


Rodrigo Reyes’ study of the travails of an aging Mexican migrant farm worker in the U.S. earned a special mention from LAFF’s World Fiction jury.

“As in Purgatory, Reyes’s cameraman Justin Chin eschews hand-held in favor of elegant framing which suggest that we are not dealing with transitory political issues, but with permanent, human ones.”

See more at: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/lupe-under-sun-lupe-bajo-903505

Los Angeles Magazine: 6 Films You Absolutely Cannot Miss at the Los Angeles Film Festival

Lupe Under the Sun had a great introduction in Los Angeles Magazine!

From a family drama to a documentary about teenage inmates, the eight day festival taps into some hyperlocal stories

The Los Angeles Film Festival opens on June 1, showcasing some of the most promising up-and-coming filmmakers and movies of the year. The lineup has a focus on frequently overlooked stories—a valet at an expensive restaurant in L.A.; teenage inmates awaiting adult sentences—as well as a hugely diverse range of voices and narratives. There are a slew of films to choose from over the course of eight days, but that’s why we’re here. These are the six that you must see:

– See more at: http://www.lamag.com/culturefiles/6-films-not-miss-los-angeles-film-festival/#sthash.STZQ2KRI.dpuf

Thao and Merrill – Astonished Man

This was released actually released a few months ago, but my schedule has been so busy I failed to add it to my blog. So many social network paths and so little time!

I often have projects where a director will want me to spoof a specific look from a movie. Most of that work stems from a set of comedy videos I shoot for a big creative application company (can you guess?) and are only for internal use only. They are always comedic in nature – which is an area that I really love to shoot. Those projects range from Top Gun, Mission Impossible, to genres (there’s that word again) like Bollywood films and NFL Films. They are incredibly fun to do because I get paid to mimic a style and I love pushing both the creative and the technical craft of filmmaking.

With this project I was tasked to visually parody the NYT short film:

Bieber, Diplo and Skrillex Make a Hit

Screenshot 2016-02-07 18.00.22

Armed with visual reference shots, a Black and White LUT on my Odyssey 7Q we set out to capture the funny from Thao and the Get Down Stay Downs.
Hope you like it!

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